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  • Students are unique in their needs, thought processes, learning styles and will be inspired in different ways.
  • When passion and vision are involved, we believe that given the opportunity students can learn and achieve.
  • When given a stimulating environment, enough time and the right opportunities, students will learn to be life-long learners, college and career ready, and able to negotiate our ever-changing global society.
  • The key to any positive interaction is respect.
  • Students are entitled to a socially, emotionally, and physically safe learning environment.
  • Change offers an opportunity for growth.
  • Consistent rules and discipline, positive values and social skills are necessary for all individuals.
  • After given opportunities, everyone is accountable for their own success.
  • Parental support and involvement is essential to motivate students for optimum success in education.
  • Through continual communication, integrated curriculum and collaboration, schools will develop a progressive educational plan of academic development.
  • The best learning process occurs when students and staff are motivated to strive for excellence.

District Administration and Staff

Tom Davis, Superintendent: 834-3392
Kristi Sanders, Junior High/Elementary Principal: 896-2421
Corey White, High School Principal: 834-3392
Jason Conn, Part-time Dean of Students: 834-3392
Patti Knott, HS Counselor: 834-3392
Deana Wolf, District Bookkeeper: 896-2041
Shelley Fitzgerald, District Office Secretary:896-2041
Tom Wolf, Head Maintenance: 834-3393
Lori Archer, Athletic Director: 834-3393
DiAnne Boyd, School Nurse: 896-2421
Pam Tate, Speech Pathologist: 896-2421
Julie Pearman, High School Secretary: 834-3393
Stacy James, JH/Elementary Secretary: 896-2421
Theresa Hooker, High School Aide: 834-3393
Laura Benschneider, JH/Elementary Secretary: 896-2421
Susie Bosch, JH/Elementary Head Custodian: 896-2421
Kim Graham, High School Head Cook: 834-3393
Karen Heckman, JH/Elementary Head Cook: 896-2421
Julie Humphrey, Bus Driver: 834-3393
Jamie Auteberry, Custodian: 834-3393
Hank March, Head High School Custodian: 834-3393
Dianne Auteberry, JH Aide/Bus Driver: 896-2421
Kevin Block, Bus Driver: 834-3393