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Attention ABL, Homer, Heritage former basketball players!

The News Gazette will be featuring area 1,000 point scorers on their website in early Nov. They would like to include a phone of every individual on the list below. If a photo in his/her jersey is not available, a portrait of the yearbook would be the next best thing. If you could email the photos with each players clearly identified they will include them on the website. Please email photos to: archer_lori@hotmail.com

Chad McCleary 1,103 1992 Heritage
Laura Jenkins 1,189 1996 Heritage
Ken Martinie 2,101 1952 Allerton
Stan Wienke 1,807 1973 Allerton-Broadlands-Longview
Dave Jones 1965 Allerton-Broadlands-Longview
Wally Miller 1968 Allerton-Broadlands-Longview
Everett Richardson 1972 Allerton-Broadlands-Longview
Rusty Martinie 1977 Allerton-Broadlands-Longview
Jon Martinie 1980 Allerton-Broadlands-Longview
Dan Sappenfield 1985 Allerton-Broadlands-Longview
Kyle Struck 1993 Heritage
Alex Partenheimer 1995 Heritage
Luke Heppe 1996 Heritage
Laura Jenkins 1996 Heritage
Andy Place 1998 Heritage
Brad Wilson 1998 Heritage
Alan Miller 2002 Heritage
Greg Bange 1,510 1980 Homer
John Dodd 1,496 1977 Homer
Ron Umbarger 1,231 1972 Homer

**Please note: This list was provided to us by the News Gazette. We had no part in creating the list, we have only been asked to get photos for the people listed above. Should you find this list in error, or feel it is incomplete, feel free to contact Michael Colgan (mcolgan@news-gazette.media). Thank you!