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Board of Education

John Lannon – President

Darrin Tate – Vice President

Robert Benschneider

Curt Elmore

Kimberly Keniley-Ashbrook

Courtney Montgomery

Zach Wells

Tom Davis, Superintendent, serves as Freedom of Information Officer for Heritage CUSD #8 and IERMP, completed annual FOIA training December 2018 for FY19/20

Below are mandatory training outlines from the Illinois Association of School Boards fulfilled by Heritage board members.

* As of Wednesday 5/23/2019 all members have completed required board training including new member through IASB and/or Regional Office of Education #9 Champaign

Archive Board Reports Yearly Files 2012-2018

Heritage Board of Education Agendas and Minutes (10/2011 to 1/2017)
Heritage Board of Education Agendas and Minutes Archive (8/2006 to 9/2011)

archive2017 (Revision to October 2017 Agenda Correction 4/5/2018)

Heritage Community Unit School District 8 Board Policy Manual

Introduction – Index – Statutes
Section 1 – School District Organization
Section 2 – School Board
Section 3 – General School Administration
Section 4 – Operational Services
Addendum to Policy February/March 2019 4:30 Operational Services Revenue and Investments (adopted October 2019) 0430_03_2019
Section 5 – Personnel
Section 6 – Instruction
Section 7 – Students (part 1 to 7:190)
Section 7 – Students (part 2 7:190 to end)
Section 8 – Community Relations

The Heritage School District Board of Education meets the third Monday of every month at Heritage Junior High and Elementary School in Homer. Board meetings are open to the public. Contact Deana Wolf in the District Office (896-2041) for further information and for board memer contact information. Myrna Madigan is the Heritage School District Treasurer. Messages can be left for her at the district office.