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JH/Elementary Announcements

Important District Dates: 11/26/2019 - Early Dismissal at 1:15 PM 11/27-12/1/2019 - No School--Thanksgiving BreakParents please take a few moments and click here to complete the 5 Essential Survey for our district.   Thank you and we appreciate your time. November Calendar of Events Elementary/Junior High Upcoming Events: Tomorrow's Lunch Menu:Fish Sticks Mac & Cheese Mixed Veggies Mixed [...]

 Please note that FCA meetings will be held on every other Wednesday of the month in the Art Room from now on during JH lunch time.  The next meeting will take place on November 20th. The next JH Girls Basketball game will be for 8th Grade Regional play with dates to be determined.  Good luck [...]

Please take a moment to complete the Illinois 5Essentials Survey to help Heritage #8 focus improvement efforts and to guide future planning. Access the survey, for Parents/Stakeholders at https://survey.5-essentials.org/illinois/ Students & Teachers will take the the survey at school #5essentials Heritage 2019-2020 School Year Annual Calendar Text Format click here (Updated July 2019) Upcoming Events: [...]

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The 2019-20 survey window ​will start no sooner than December 10, 2019, and end no later than February 14, 2020. Participation in the 5Essentials or an approved alternate survey is required annually, as the survey is part of the non-academic indicators for accountability under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). As with last year, schools [...]



No School October 11th & 14th

PTC Dance Tonight 9/20/2019

On Friday September 13th, at both school sites, teachers, staff, and students will participate in emergency drills with Champaign County Sherrif's and School Resource Office Kevin Franzen.  These are scheduled for the morning and will involve hard and soft lockdown drills and weather-permitting may involve school evacuation drill to an off-school site.