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March 2018 Event & Lunch Calendars

March 2018 Homer Lunch Menu here

 March 2018 Broadlands Lunch Menu here

 March 2018 District Events Calendar here


These are the updated school calendars with changes due to the snow days used on January 4th and 8th. These days will now be made up on Friday May 11 and Friday May 18. Some make up days have been proposed in the current spring break in late March/early April but decisions on those days or making up days in another place in the schedule or at the end of the year will be made if/when any more emergency days occur. Please discard and disregard previously printed calendars for the 2017-18 School Year.

2017-2018 Heritage Schools Calendar Text Format Revised 1-16-18

Public School Calendar 1-16-2018 (ISBE Grid Format)