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Heritage 2018-2019 Annual Schedule Updated for April 2019 (Updated 3/19/2019)

Downloads Here

Revised and Updated Schedule Below

April 5                                   Early Dismissal Teacher Institute, Dismiss 11:15am Both Schools (ELA Curriculum)

April 9                                   Early Dismissal District Testing Day, Dismiss 12:15pm Both Schools (IAR/PSAT/SAT)

April 17                                 Early Dismissal Spring Break, Dismiss 1:15pm Both Schools

April 18-April 22                 No School – Spring Break Vacation – Students Return Tuesday, April 23

April 26                                 Half Day of Student Attendance, Dismiss 11:15am Both Schools (Heritage Prom Night)

May 23                                 Last Day of Student Attendance – 2nd Semester Ends (Pending Emergency Day Usage)

May 24                                 No School – Teacher Institute (Pending Any Further Emergency Day Usage)

May 28-29-30                     Possible Emergency Make-up Days as needed (May 23 & 24 were used to replace 1/30 & 1/31)