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Heritage HS Daily Announcements

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9/4 Labor Day – No School


05/23/2017 New Announcements:

  1. There is a yearbook meeting TODAY during lunch in Mrs. Campos’s room.
  2. There is an ALLIES Club meeting on Thursday during lunch in Mrs. Campos’s room.
  3. Athletic passes will be going home with HS students today. If you don’t have a HS student, passes will go out in the mail.
  4. There is a sign up sheet in the office for anyone who is interested in participating in Bass Fishing. Please sign up this week so the coach has an idea of who is interested.
  5. There are volleyball fanwear order forms available in the office. Money and forms are due back to the office or to Jill Miller by 8/24. Jill will be at both volleyball games this week.
  6. Any junior interested in running for class officer position needs to sign up with Mrs. Mohr and complete the “Officer Petition Packet.” The packet is due with signatures by lunch this Wednesday. President and Vice President will be decided by the top two number of votes earned on the first ballot. Secretary and Treasurer will be decided by the top two number of votes earned on the second ballot. CEO of fundraising and CFO of the concession stand will be separate elections. Anyone wo runs for President/Vice President and does not get elected can run for CEO or CFO.
  7. Juniors are needed to work volleyball concession stand for tonight and for Thursday, 8/31. Sign up sheets are outside of Mrs. J. Mohr’s FCS room.
  8. Any student preparing for the SAT this school year is invited to sign up for a test prep lunch group. The sign up sheet is out side Mrs. J. Mohr’s FCS room. Once the group is established we will meet and discuss the best day to schedule our group lunches.
  9. Any Child Development II and III students need to have the signed parent letter returned to school by Monday, 8/28. Your enrollment/membership in the Gateways Registry needs to be completed online by Thursday, 8/31 via ilgateways.com. You will not be assigned a cclassroom or position at the grade school until this is completed.