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Heritage HS Shed for Sale

9’x16’ Storage Shed For Sale
Heritage High School Construction Class

● White double-four vinyl siding and trim
● 30 year architectural shingles with ridge vent
● Garage door
● 24”x 30” sliding window
● 36” steel prehung entry with lock and deadbolt
● 2”x6” treated floor joists, 16” on center
● ¾” treated plywood flooring
● Treated 4”x4”x16’ skids
● Two ⅜”x 1 ½” x 4’ metal towing brackets at each end
● Studs 16” on center
● Countertop work space and shelving
The shed will sell for $3100, which covers our cost for materials. Building
will be displayed at the southwest corner of Heritage High School. For more
information, contact the school office at 217-834-3392

download spec sheet click 9’x16’ Storage Shed For Sale