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Heritage Remote Learning Plan Option for Students – Deadline to Contact Principal for Educere Remote Learning is 1pm Tuesday August 11

Associated Downloads with Information for Parents and Students

Heritage Remote Learning Informational Cover Sheet 8-4-2020

Founders Academy (R) The Founders Education Experience

The Educere Experience

August 11, 2020

Heritage Remote Learning Option

  • Parents need to e-mail HS Principal Corey White or K-8 Principal Kristi Sanders with questions and/or to express interest in the program by Tuesday, August 11, 2020 at 1pm
    • corey.white@heritage8.org for HS student
    • kristi.sanders@heritage8.org for K-8 students
  • Heritage will contract with Educere to provide a virtual learning opportunity for parents and students which neighboring districts are also offering
  • Provided through the virtual learning company Educere and paid for by Heritage, so costs quoted on information sheets are district paid
  • For information about Educere, visit their website at https://www.educere.net/ or view attached information sheets from Educere
  • Individual Education Plan (IEP) students are strongly encouraged to attend in-person learning as meeting the needs of IEP’s is best served in the classroom with our regular and special education teachers. If you have a student with an IEP, you must contact the appropriate Principal above.
  • This will allow you to keep your child home and still remain enrolled at Heritage.
  • Heritage administration and counselor will stay in regular contact with remote learning students to monitor progress and to provide support
  • For Junior High and High School, a remote learning student is allowed to be in extracurricular activities, sports, clubs etc. provided eligibility is maintained under same school policy for all students per IHSA, IESA
  • Instruction and learning activities will be provided online by Educere and will need parent support to complete. Parents must have Internet connection and technology in home to support their decision.
  • All grades and progress will be automatically reported back to the school
  • Students will have access to Educere teachers from 6:30am-6:30pm daily for questions and support
  • If you choose the virtual learning option, your child will be expected to continue with virtual learning for the 1st semester ending at Holiday Break in December as the cost per student is fully paid by the district and constitutes a semester commitment to the program
  • You will have the opportunity to choose in-person learning for the 2nd semester if your situation changes or conditions warrant full return to in person learning in schools

Heritage Remote Learning Student and Parent Guide 2020-2021