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Heritage School District Waiver Hearing June 19, 2017

Heritage Community Unit School District #8 will be conducting an open public hearing for all district and community parents, students, and stakeholders at 6:50 P.M. on Monday, June 19th, 2017 in the Heritage Junior High & Elementary School Music Room at 512 W. First Street, Homer, IL 61849. This is open to all public. The purpose of the meeting, which will precede our regular monthly school board meeting at 7 P.M., will be to present information and provide open discussion time on the district’s request for a renewal of the following waiver to the Illinois School Code:

WM100-5996 Waiver of School Code (Section 10-20.12a) requests to enable the district to allow non-resident students whose parents are full-time employees of the district to attend its school free of charge. 

The district is seeking a 5-year renewal of this waiver, which was approved by the Heritage School Board previously October 2014.  The board recently approved applying for this renewal and the process will proceed with mailing of required letters to local Illinois General Assembly senator and representative, an advertisement for this meeting and the waiver posted in the local newspaper, this open public meeting and hearing, and posting of this notice on school web site beginning May 31, 2017. The outcomes of this meeting will be documented for the renewal process, and the Heritage School Board will consider a motion at the regular board meeting following this public hearing.  The Heritage Education Association will also be notified of this meeting date and time and the waiver process, and an application will be sent to the ISBE consultant for submission to the Illinois General Assembly to consider approval.