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Heritage Update Monday August 10 – Return to Learning Draft #3, Remote Learning Deadline 8/11, Self Certify Check Sheet Download, K-12 Student Registration Deadline 8/13, Revised Schedules for Sports

  • Heritage Return to Learning Draft #3 w-Comprehensive Updates 8-10-2020 download here:  Heritage Return to Learning Draft #3 w-Comprehensive Updates 8-10-2020

  • Remote Learning Deadline to E-mail Appropriate Principal is 1pm Tuesday August 11. Details here and contact information here: Remote Learning Plan Information

  • The Self Certification Sheet that must accompany each student each day prior to getting on school bus or at entry to school building if walking or drop off (families can use one form for all children). We will hand out paper copies first days of school also. Download here: Symptom Self-Certification Form Heritage Schools Fall 2020

  • Registration for the 2020-2021 School Year took place last week.  The deadline to register and be allowed to come to school for first day of school (Tuesday August 18 11:15am dismissal) is THURSDAY, AUGUST 13.  You must contact the main office of the K-8 building in Homer at 217-896-2421 or High School in Broadlands at 217-834-3392 for a registration appointment and information.

  • Some Updated Game Schedules for Sports posted here:  Sports Schedules Updated