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IHSA Survey for Student Athletes from Director Craig Anderson

Good afternoon,

We have recently been asked to share a survey for high school student athletes coming out of the University of Wisconsin related to a survey on the impact of school closures on the health of high school athletes.

The purpose of this study is to measure how the cancellation of schools and interscholastic sports in the United States this spring has affected the physical health and well-being of high school student athletes. The study was announced last week via Twitter and Facebook. High school athletes who want to take part in the study are asked to click on the link to complete a short (5 – 10 min.), anonymous, online survey. The median time for athletes to complete the survey this past week was 6.5 minutes.

Please know that this study has been approved by the University of Wisconsin Institutional Review Board. In addition, the landing page for the survey contains the required informational and consent / assent language for the study. This page requires the participant to acknowledge they have read the study information and have permission from a parent to participate. If they answer “yes” they can take the survey.

Here is a direct link to the survey for you to share with your students:


We appreciate your consideration on sharing this with your students.

Stay safe,

Craig Anderson
Executive Director, IHSA
(309) 663-6377