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Sunday March 11, 2018 Heritage Safety Follow-up Message

On Wednesday evening March 7, the Heritage administration was contacted by a concerned parent by e-mail and text message with information on a statement made by a student earlier that day passed on by their child.

This report was treated as a possible threat, and the administration made contact with the reported student’s parents that same night and a meeting with the student accompanied by parent occurred before school Thursday morning. The student and parent then exited the building.  The decision was made to continue the school day.

Champaign County Sheriff’s School Resource Officer, the Homer police, the Heritage School Board President and board members, and the school attorney, have all been involved since the report was received. Local School Superintendents, with their districts experiencing similar reports, were also consulted.

A district parent requested a meeting and a handful or parents and a grandparent met with Mr. Davis on Saturday afternoon and it was a very productive meeting.  Concerns were expressed, questions were answered to the extent that student privacy laws allow, and ideas were exchanged that will be shared with the Heritage School Board so that safety actions can be improved going forward.

Students must be mindful of their words and actions at all times. Whether online, inside or outside the school, words and actions carry a tremendous weight especially with the nation’s and local schools on edge from events far away and close by.

The school district commends the parent who came forward with the information that led to this investigation.