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Upcoming Dates & Events

Important District Dates:
1/21/2019 – No School–Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday

Parents please take a few moments to complete the 5 Essential Survey for our district. Please click on “5 Essentials Survey” above and then Parent Survey. Thank you and we appreciate your time.
Elementary/Junior High
Upcoming Events:

1/15/2019 – 8th Grade Career Conference at I Hotel
1/18/2019 – CU Symphony at Elementary/JH for K-8th graders from 10:00-10:45 AM.
1/18/2019 – 5th – 12th Grade Choral Concert at Homer building at 7:00 PM.
1/19/2019 – 5th – 12th Grade Band Concert at Broadlands building at 7:00 PM.
1/29/2019 – JH Sports pictures to be taken. Order forms to be sent out through coaches at practice.

High School
Upcoming Events:
1/16/2019 – Post Prom Mtg. HS Library 7 PM